The Squatters Housing Action Group was created, from the actions working group of the monthly squattastic meetings www.squattastic.blogspot.com

In response to the all out assault of propoganda,lies,deliberate confusion and manipulation on the subject of  squatting by media,government and the corrupt corporations that they serve.

Squatting is a solution to homelessness.

Homes for All,Homes not Jails.

Actions speak louder than words, especially when the right to a roof over our heads is concerned.

In Britain, millions are badly housed and half a million are  homeless (shelter) while property developers and landlords make large profits by keeping houses, flats and land unused and prices sky high.There are nearly a million empty buildings in the UK.

725,000 empty buildings according to the Empty Homes Agency.

There is enough houses  for all to use,problem to solution,use the empties.

Squatting is an action  that makes this  injustice and misuse of property  visible to all. The mere idea that people, that are denied their basic right to shelter, can resort to remedy their want by themselves and without asking their exploiters for permission, is a thorn in the side of the land owning profiteers.

The government,landlords,corporations and the media are now lobbying to have squatting banned by law.They want to  attempt to imprison the poor homeless and most vulnrerable in our society.

We, squatters, tenants, homeless and concerned citizens, will not stand by and watch our rights to protest trespass and  to organize and  act taken away so easily.

Take action to save the Rights we have hard won over the last 700 + years.




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