Defend your rights

Defend your Rights
Housing / Tenants Rights ,Rights to Shelter/Trespass and Protest

The Government and their property developer friends are planning to criminalise trespass/squatting. There is a consultation process running until October 5th 2011
The proposed legislation will impact on all members of our society, empower unscrupulous landlords to use violence to evict people,burdening the inadequate housing system, justice system, police / charities. Criminalising the homeless/poor while in the middle of a housing/financial crisis.

The proposed new laws could affect:
– Tenants: accused by landlords of being squatters for being behind with rent.
– Students and workers occupations of Universities and workplaces.
– Protest, Peace and Climate camps
– Squatters, Gypsies and Travellers
– The Homeless, poor and vulnerable
The proposed legislation could change trespass from a civil to a criminal offence, affecting all our ancient land rights to shelter in abandoned buildings.

The Government consultation :
The SQUASH campaign provides guidelines on: replying to the consultation, ( A quick response guide) , email
SQUATTASTIC :Organise and mobilise in your area. There are monthly meetings in London Phone 07757009150
Also housing support networks are setting up in Brighton, Bristol, Nottingham and other UK cities.

Housing Solidarity : are building a radical housing movement as part of the
wider struggles against austerity by raising awareness of the housing crisis and housing benefit cuts. , Twitter #housolidarity

Advisory Service for Squatters ,Phone 02032160099

What you can do:
1.Reply to the Government consultation using SQUASH guidelines and encourage others to.
2.Set up a housing support group in your area.
3.Sign petitions 38 Degrees
4.Take direct action
5.Write to / visit your MP, local council / the media, to ask what they
are doing to defend our rights and campaign against this unjust proposal for a new law.
DONT PANIC !! Just DO Something

Organise mobilise, keep networking, take action, “Whatever they say squatting will stay”


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  1. Dear all,
    We are making a short series of documentaries interviewing people who live near or use squats. This is part one focusing on resident’s positive responses to squatted community spaces in the Well Street area.

    Keep up the good fight everyone.

  2. Vanessa ridgewell

    Is there, was there a war for the right of democracy? Are we governed by a corrupt government? Who do the newspapers work for? I have a wide circle of friends from all works of life, non of them believe squatting is a bad thing, they all believe it is a service . And believe that if squatting is stopped , it is a very sad world we live in. We watch in horror when other country’s condemn squatting, and the papers and government criticise . This lawns for them and their rich friends it has nothing to do with good management… And it is not democratic. It is a disgusting abuse of the power given to our politicians

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