Next meeting

Next Meeting

Monday 12th Sept  6-8pm at Passing Clouds

To plan and prepare for big action Thurs 15th September 12 noon

1 Richmond Road
London E8 4AA

Sign Petition to resist the criminalisation of squatting


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  1. the meeting has moved to Passing Clouds due to eviction of Well furnished.
    Squatters housing action group meeting this weds 31st aug 6-8pm at passing clouds1 Richmond rd hackney e8 4aa. 5 weeks left of govt consultation to criminalise squatting,rights to protest.
    Next sun 4th sept, location on website 2 days it

  2. Next time use a URL shortener (so that peeps can text / twitter around with their phones):

    Also for those skeptical about signing it A.S.S. says: “38 degrees has helped stop the government’s plans to sell off the UKs ancient national forests, helped stop Donald Trump’s plans to build a golf course at the expense of families in Menie, Scotland, who were at risk of eviction, and is now campaigning widely to save the NHS from the current government s plans.”

    So go go go!

  3. I have no problem with squatters squatting properties that have been permanently vacated by their owners, either because the owner has died or because the property was abandoned by the owner, in which case there would usually be no furniture.
    I was a squatter for two years, in a house that had previously been empty for fifteen years, which had periodically been squatted by different people including drunks, drug addicts and squatter-thieves who stole the leaded windows. The property was a diabolical mess.
    When I moved in with a few other people, all homeless, we decided to secure the property and make it livable; we took away all the junk, rubbish and filth left by the previous squatters.
    However, the problem with most squatters is that they break into ‘secured’ homes where the owners are away, either on holiday or business. Such squatting ‘should’ be made a criminal offense.
    The old squatter’s rights were in essence created to assist the homeless to have shelter in ‘already abandoned’ properties, not properties where the owner was temporarily away.

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